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Bike boat Amsterdam and Bruges on the Sailing Home

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Embark on a unique 8-day and 7-night stay aboard the Sailing Home to discover Belgium and the Netherlands by bike. Full board bike cruise.

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Amsterdam to Brugges on Sailing Home
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Discover the south of the Netherlands and Belgium by bike



Pedal by day and sleep in your floating hotel at night on this bike and boat tour aboard the Sailing Home. Discover 2 countries with exceptional cultural, environmental and gastronomic heritages: the Netherlands and Belgium. You can contemplate the glory of the Flemish towns in the Middle Ages, discover the polders, admire the famous mills of Kinderdijk and the picturesque Flemish countryside. You will have the opportunity to visit the cities of Bruges and Ghent and discover the Delta Plan, nicknamed the eighth wonder of the world! This cycling and boat trip will undoubtedly leave you with unforgettable memories with its beauty and diversity.


Day 1 - Amsterdam - Oude Wetering - 15 km

Boarding at the latest at 2:00 p.m. on board your boat. The boat must leave the plaza at 2.15pm due to the opening hours of the bridges and / or locks. After your embarkation on the boat, installation in your cabin. It will be an opportunity to get to know the crew and other passengers. Navigation to Oude Wetering then loop of 15 km by bike.


Day 2 -  Oude-Wetering - Gouda - 45 km

From Uithoorn, travel through the Green Heart along canal paths and along polders towards the famous cheese town of Gouda.
Also discover the local craftsman of pipes, syrup wafers, earthenware, painted stained glass windows, as well as a fairytale town hall without forgetting the incomparable canals.


Day 3 -  Gouda - Alblasserdam, then boat to Dordrecht - 40 km

Cycle along the Dutch IJssel and Krimpenerwaard, the lowest polder in the Netherlands, on narrow cycle paths to the Lek river and continue to Kinderdijk using the ferry. to get to the famous Kinderdijk windmills which are one of the most famous tourist spots in the Netherlands. Here you have the greatest concentration of historic windmills.
From the Lek dike you have a splendid view of the 19 mills which have recently been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
After a nice excursion through the Alblasserwaard polder, you will reach the shore of the "Merwede" (Beneden-Merwede).


Day 4 -  Dordrecht, navigation to Willemstad / Bruinisse, then bike to Zierikzee - 55 km


This morning you will sail during the breakfast towards the territory of the Delta of the great rivers. You will have the option of reducing the stage by sailing to Bruinisse where you can join the group. You will continue the cycle route to Zierikzee with a visit to the "Watersnoodmuseum" (Flood Museum).
Zierikzee is a beautiful city and the center of mussel culture. Zeeland mussels are known around the world.

* Zeeland is largely at or below sea level. In 1953 the dikes were low and in poor condition. In the past, the risk of flooding was once every 80 years. Thanks to this anti-flood barrier (Stormvloedkering) this risk is now assessed at less than once every 4000 years ....


Day 5 -  Zierikzee - Middelburg - 50 km


Pedal towards the North Sea, towards the Eastern Scheldt Dam. The dam has huge slides which can be lowered in the event of strong storms or high tides and thus protect the south-eastern Netherlands from the sea.

When you pedal on it you will understand why this Delta Plan book was the hardest and most expensive to protect the country from flooding. Oosterscheldekering is sometimes called the eighth wonder of the world.
After the dam, continue to Middelburg after a visit to the picturesque town of Veere.
Middelburg is home to the Roosevelt Academy, of which the medieval Town Hall, located at the market square in the heart of Middelburg, is the main building.


Day 6 -  Middelburg - Sas van Gent, then navigation to Ghent - 45km

The great crossing!
With the ferry you will cross from Breskens to Zeeland Flanders. Belgium is no further.
Passing through an area full of small villages, coves and winding dykes, you arrive at the Belgian-Dutch border at Sas de Gand (Sas van Gent), the old gateway to the port of Ghent.
If you opt for the shorter cycle stage, you will embark here. While sailing you will see the bustling traffic in the canal from Ghent to Terneuzen, as well as huge industrial complexes on the banks before reaching Ghent. From the quay, you can easily go by tram to the medieval center of the city.


Day 7 -  Ghent-Bruges - 45km

In the morning, cycle through Ghent city center to the scenic Leie River region and the tranquil East Flanders countryside.
The region is characterized by forests and meadows, small villages and castles.
The last part of this step takes you from Aalterburg (the short stage) to Bruges via the old towpath along the Ghent-Ostend canal, the oldest canal in Belgium.
The city of Bruges marks the end of your bike & boat trip. In the afternoon and evening you can visit the old medieval center.


Day 8 - Bruges

End of the trip after breakfast, before 10:00 a.m.


Due to the navigation plan the route may be reversed or modified

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From Amsterdam
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Sailing Home

Between Belgium and Holland from Bruges on the Sailing Home



Day 1 - Bruges - Ghent / 21 km

Boarding at 2:00 p.m. at the latest.
After your arrival on board the ship, installation in your cabin. Meet the crew and other passengers.
Getting started with the bikes for a ride along the canal from Ostend to Ghent. In Aalterbrug, hop on board to sail to Ghent. After dinner it is possible to visit the city.
Ghent is a dynamic and attractive university city dating from the Middle Ages.

Day 2 - Ghent, Cycling to Dendermonde and navigation from Saint- Amands / 47km

Early Sunday morning you drive through the old center of Ghent. Afterwards, it was off for a beautiful day along the Scheldt. You will travel about 20 km to reach Wetteren, a town with a real Flemish tavern. Then follow the road to Berlare. This is the last village before Dendermonde, your boarding point, and the perfect place to taste a Belgian beer before getting back on the boat.
Troubadours, folk tales and processions have contributed to the city's fame. You then sail from Dendermonde to the peaceful village of Saint-Amands.

Day 3 - St. Amands - Antwerp / 40km

From St. Amands, the cycle path takes you along the Scheldt and the Durme and Schaussel Broek nature reserves. Here you will find unique flora and fauna. Continue your route through Bazel, one of the most beautiful villages in Belgium.
Passing under the Scheldt through the Sainte-Anne tunnel, you arrive in Antwerp. The tunnel is reserved for pedestrians and bicycles. Built in the 1930s, it is a listed historical monument.
The city of Antwerp is steeped in history and worth a visit. Admire the centuries-old facades of the narrow streets, the impressive Grand-Place or the Notre-Dam Cathedral. You can also visit the Rubens House and the Plantin-Moretus Museum, the only museum in the world classified as World Heritage by Unesco.
The boat is waiting for you in the Willemdok, near the Museum of Modern Art (Museum Aan de Stroom, unfortunately closed on Mondays).

Day 4 - Antwerp, navigation to Kreekrak Sluizen - bike ride to Willemstad / 56km

In the morning, you sail through the large port of Antwerp to the Netherlands. Large seagoing ships and large harbor cranes form a fascinating backdrop. Take the bike to the Kreekrak Locks and take a nice ride on the Brabantse Wal, a nature reserve with a steep transition from high sandy soils to clay soils lower in the polders. In addition, there are quite a few fields of strawberries and asparagus. Then you drive through polders to the ancient walled city of Willemstad, near the Volkerak Sluizen (Volkerak locks). These locks are a complex of four lock systems, three for commerce and one for pleasure.

Day 5 - Willemstad - Gorinchem / 45km

You are sailing this morning towards Werkendam. There you take the bike to cross the Land van Heusden region in Altena. You will follow an arm of the Meuse to the fortified town of Heusden, one of the first Dutch towns surrounded by fortifications. In the typical and narrow streets, you will see many secular buildings, well preserved, and beautiful facades. The sight of these imposing fortified works is impressive.
A little further on, on the banks of the Waal river, you will find another pretty fortified town, Woudrichem. A ferry takes you across the river, where the boat awaits you.


Day 6 - Gorinchem - By bike to Vianen - navigation to Utrecht / 50km


You follow the meanders of the Linge river passing through the Betuwe. This region is known for its many orchards and will be covered in flowers during the months of April and May. Then you pass through the town of Leerdam, famous for its glass. From Culemborg, a peaceful little town on the Lek, you follow the river to Vianen.
You are sailing to Utrecht. After dinner you can visit old Utrecht by public transport. The city has very beautiful canals with small warehouses by the water, where there are bars and terraces. In addition to the Domtoren Tower, Utrecht still has hundreds of other monuments that contribute to the special atmosphere of this centuries-old university city.


Day 7 - Utrecht - Amsterdam / 40km


During breakfast, you cruise to Breukelen, from where you set off by bike following Holland's two most beautiful rivers, the Vecht and the Amstel. You can admire magnificent 18th century houses and residences, with their splendid gardens.

Arrived in Amsterdam, it's time to leave your bike. You can still stroll around Amsterdam in the evening and discover all its treasures such as the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, Dam Square and its royal palace. For that alone, you will probably want to stay there one more day ...

Day 8 - Amsterdam, end of the trip after breakfast, before 10:00 a.m.

Due to the navigation plan the route may be reversed or modified

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From Amsterdam
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Sailing Home

General informations :


  • 8 days and 7 nights
  • Boat comfort level: comfort premium
  • Child rates: contact us

The dates :


Departure dates 2023:


Departures from Amsterdam on Saturdays from 13/05 to 14/10/2023

  • Low season: 08/07 to 05/08 + 14/10
  • Mid-season : 13/05 to 24/06 and 19/08 to 02/09 + 30/09
  • High season : 16/09

Departure from Bruges on Saturdays from 20/05 to 21/10/2023

  • Low season : 01/07, 15/07, 29/07, 12/08 and 21/10
  • Mid season : 20/05, 03/06, 17/06, 26/08 and 07/10
  • High season : 09/09 and 23/09


Included :


  • Full board stay (picnic lunch)
  • Travel book : We will provide you with information relating to the progress of your stay as well as the itinerary, subject to change.

Not included :


  • Transportation to the starting point
  • Personal expenses
  • Visits

The options :


- Bike rental
- Additional night in Amsterdam at the start or end of the tour

Levels :

1 2 3 4 5 6


Ground :

Flat, very smooth roads and paths. 90% program on cycle paths.


Weather :

Contrary to popular belief, the temperature in the Netherlands is close to the temperature in France. Near the coast there may be wind.



0 to 40 km of hiking per day, or about 3 to 4 hours of cycling.
Easy to follow route. No difficulties, accessible to all.



- Guide and maps on the Netherlands on cartovelo.fr
- Guide and maps on Belgium on cartovelo.f


The participants :

On board you meet an international community of all ages, men, women, singles and couples with children. We offer boats with 20 to 26 places in cabins of 2 and 3 people.


Support :

On board, the captain and his boy. They are responsible for the smooth running of the holidays (on the boat) and take the boat from stage to stage. The cook prepares the meals.
Participants are accompanied by a guide. This will help you in the event of a breakdown and will advise you on the route to follow and give you the necessary tourist information. He or she is multilingual.


Meals :

- Breakfasts: on the boat, you will find a substantial and Dutch breakfast, worthy of a cyclist.
- Lunches: after breakfast you will prepare a 'lunch' yourself (sandwiches, fruit, snack, drink).
- Snack: After the daily trip you will find, when you arrive on the boat, various drinks, such as tea and coffee prepared for your return, with a cake.
- Dinners: minimum three dishes of very good quality. After dinner you have the choice between coffee and tea.
Other drinks, such as wine, beer, lemonade and mineral water are not included but can be purchased on board at a reasonable price.


The bike :

Initially, you will be assigned a bike corresponding to your size. After a test run, you sign a receipt. The bike (a 21-speed bike, VTC) is at your disposal all week until Friday afternoon, when the bike is handed over.
The bikes are equipped with saddlebags as well as an anti-theft device, a container and a tire repair kit. If you prefer a 4-speed bike let us know! (This must be specified when booking). It is not possible to order a 4-speed bicycle once on the boat.

If you take your own bike, it cannot be insured against theft by our company, you will have to make the necessary arrangements with your usual insurer. Don't forget your anti-theft device! The return of your bike will be at your expense.


- By train : The departure towns for the bike and boat circuits are served by the railway.
Amsterdam station is very well served, every day several trains come and go to France.
The Thalys is the fastest.
- By plane  : AMSTERDAM international airport.


Your vehicle :

We strongly advise against parking cars on the streets in Amsterdam. Information about guarded parking lots in the city can be found on the following website: http://www.naaramsterdam.nl


Cancellation insurance :

In order to guarantee the reimbursement of costs in the event of cancellation of your stay, you can take out cancellation insurance. 

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