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» Bicypack ® guidance GPS

Bicypack ® guidance GPS

Bicypack®, your peace of mind!

We have carefully researched the needs of our customers and bicycle travelers in recent years. This is how we came up with the idea of creating the Bicypack, a complete and practical pack to make the most of your trip in freedom. This pack is a paid option. You have the Bicypack for the duration of your stay.  



The objective of the Bicypack is to ensure:

  • Guidance: material supplied recognized for its resistance to load, water and shocks with integrated GPS application. The application in question does not consume any data, it can be used offline, even in the remote areas of the Marais Poitevin! The itineraries of your circuit are loaded in advance by us. (and he remains silent!)
  • Troubleshooting: complete repair kit (patches, multi-tools, tire iron).
  • Assistance: in the Bicypack, you will find an auxiliary battery with a connecting cord to charge your GPS in addition to its battery, emergency lighting and even a knife and a corkscrew! The phone holder attaches to your bicycle handlebars. This was selected from different supports for its waterproofness, size and attachment to the bike. 
  • Comfort: all the accessories are chosen to be easily accessible, practical and efficient.


The Bicypack is presented in the form of a recyclable (green of course) box. You will receive it by post (colissimo with signature) before your departure, along with all the usual items such as the road-book and your hotel vouchers. You will find a Colissimo return voucher in the box to return the Bicypack to us free of charge at the end of your stay. It can also be given to you on site depending on the destination of your trip.

It contains all the accessories mentioned above. Then all you have to do is equip your bike and set off to discover new landscapes with La Bicyclette Verte.

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