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Amsterdam and Bruges - Le Princesse Royal

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8 days and 7 nights bike and boat tour, departure Amsterdam - Full board (picnic at lunch time) - Le Princesse Royal.

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Princesse Royal

Bike and boat trip from Amsterdam aboard the Princess Royal



Discover Holland to Belgium from Amsterdam to Bruges by bike and boat. Take a unique trip to the most beautiful cities of Flanders and the Netherlands like Dordrecht, Ghent or Antwerp. You will sleep aboard the Princess Royal, a comfortable cruise ship, and meet other passionate cycle tourists. An exceptional team will be at your service during this cycling and boat trip between Amsterdam and Bruges.
Highlights of the stay:

  • Amsterdam, Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp
  • the mills of Kinderdijk
  • The region of Flanders and its medieval towns
  • Discovery of the Delta plan.

Day 1 - Amsterdam

Boarding the Princess Royal until 2 p.m. Discover Amsterdam, its canals and narrow gabled houses after dropping off your cabin baggage. Visit the Museum Quarter or go shopping. Return to your cruise ship around 5:30 p.m. to meet the team and learn more about the rest of the bike trip.

Day 2 - Amsterdam - Vianen / 36 or 46 km

First cycling tour in the historic city and capital of the Netherlands Amsterdam. Stroll along the Vecht where you can admire mansions, castles, typical houses and magnificent gardens. Visit to a cheese factory in Vreeland and explore the villages of Loenen and Nieuwersluis. You join Breukelen and the Princess Royal. Navigation to Vianen scheduled for 5 p.m. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 3 - Vianen - Schoonhoven - Kinderdijk / 32 km or 56 km

Navigation: Kinderdijk - Dordrecht
Direction Schoonhoven, called Zilverstad (“Silver City”), a town known for its silver smiths since the 17th century. You then drive through the Alblasserwaard region to Kinderdijk, a village famous for its 19 large windmills, listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage. Board the 'Waterbus' with your bike to Alblasserdam, a fast ferry to Dordrecht, one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands.

Day 4 - Dordrecht - Willemstad - Tholen / 36 or 44 km

Navigation: Tholen - Kreekrak Lock - Antwerp
You cruise to Willemstad during your breakfast, an old walled town on the Haringvliet Waterway. Your cycle route guides you to Tholen, an ancient island in the middle of Zeeland's great streams. It is a picturesque village with many vestiges of a checkered past.
In the afternoon, return aboard the Princess Royal to reach the port city of Antwerp, located on the Scheldt. Antwerp is a vibrant city, known for processing up to 80% of the world's rough diamonds. You can admire its town hall, one of the many buildings dating from the Renaissance. Also discover the historic City Square Grote Market, Lieve-Vrouwe Cathedral and medieval Steen Castle. After dinner, take the time to walk around the historic center.

Day 5 - Antwerp - Temse - St Amands / 34 or 49 km

This morning you set off from Antwerp by bike to cycle along a scenic part of the Schelde River to Saint-Amands, where you will spend the night. This route offers you a magnificent landscape. This is one of the unforgettable journeys of your cycling trip.

Day 6 - St Amands - Dendermonde - Ghent / 52 km

Follow the Schelde river to Ghent where the boat will be moored for the night. Ghent, at the junction of the Leie and the Scheldt, is a prosperous trading port. You can admire and visit an opera house, 18 museums, more than 100 churches and no less than 400 historic buildings! Take time to visit Saint Bavo's Cathedral, where masterpieces of medieval art are kept, including the Adoration of the Mystical Lamb by Jan van Eyck. Another must-see: the 91-meter-high belfry in the city of Ghent.
Before dinner, take a guided tour of the historic city aboard a small boat.

Day 7 - Ghent - Bruges / 22 or 45 km

This last day of cycling takes you from Ghent in the beautiful Flemish countryside of West Flanders to Bruges, described as the "Venice of the North". It is arguably the most beautiful Flemish city. Bruges attracts more than 2 million visitors every year who come to visit its medieval city center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take the time to visit one of the museums in Bruges or simply enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city over a café on the terrace.

Day 8 - Bruges
End of the bike and boat trip after breakfast. Disembarkation until 9:30 am. 

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Princesse Royal

Bike and boat trip from Bruges aboard the Princess Royal




Day 1: Bruges 15 km | Bruges - Ghent


You are expected on board the Princess Royal between 1:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. in the port of Bruges.

A welcome meeting is organized on board the boat to get to know the crew. You can try your bike for a ride around Bruges. During dinner, the Princess Royal sails to Ghent, a bustling vibrant university town.
In the city center of Ghent you can admire perfectly preserved old patrician houses. Take the time to visit Saint Bavo's Cathedral and discover the masterpieces of medieval painting on display there such as the Adoration of the Lamb by Jan van Eyck.
If you stay one or two more days in the city of Bruges, you can visit one of the many museums in Bruges or enjoy the beauty of this very beautiful city.


Day 2: Ghent - Dendermonde / St. Amands (40 km or 53 km)


In the morning you can take the time to visit Ghent. Your first bike tour guides you through a beautiful landscape along the Schelde River to Dendermonde located at the confluence of the Dender and Schelde rivers. The journey between Dendermonde and Saint-Amands is by bike or by boat depending on the tides.

The Princess Royal will be moored for the night in Saint-Amands.


Day 3: Saint-Amands - Temse - Antwerp (32 km or 49 km)


Follow the Schelde river further downstream through the Temse region to reach Antwerp, your destination for the day. It is a port city primarily known for processing up to 80% of the world’s rough diamonds, but it is also the birthplace of famous painter Paul Rubens.

In Antwerp, you can discover the Town Hall, the historic City Square Grote Markt, the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe Cathedral and the medieval Steen Castle.


Day 4: Day in Antwerp


The Princess Royal remains in Antwerp for the day to discover and visit the historical, cultural and gastronomic treasures of the city. You can visit the Rubens House, the palace where the artist lived with his family. Take the time to admire his paintings just a ten-minute walk away in the "Onze Lieve Vrouwe (Notre-Dame)" cathedral.
You can taste the beer 'de Koninck' in the famous brewery deet and visit the museum on the Scheldt (MAS - Museum aan de Stroom). If you prefer shopping, you can reach the Antwerp shopping district. Dinner in the evening, take the opportunity to try a restaurant in the city.

The crew can give you some suggestions!


Day 5: Antwerp - Kreekrak locks | Locks of Kreekrak - Tholen (36 km or 20 km) | Tholen - Willemstad - Dordrecht


The Princess Royal runs along the Schelde-Rhine Canal and you can admire the huge Kreekrak lock system. Here, the bike tour starts through the beautiful "Wouwse Plantage" forest to reach Tholen, an island in the middle of the great Zeeland streams now connected to the mainland. From Tholen, you will join the boat for an afternoon sailing to Dordrecht. Halfway, the ship passes the Volkerak locking system.
Dordrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The guide will accompany you on a night walk and will be happy to tell you about the history of the Netherlands.


Day 6: Dordrecht - Kinderdijk | Kinderdijk - Schoonhoven - Vianen (32 km or 57 km)


Today your day begins aboard the Waterbus, a fast ferry that will take you to Alblasserdam. You reach Kinderdijk and its famous windmills classified as a UNESCO cultural heritage. The 19 mills were built in the 18th century to pump water from the lower Alblasserwaard polder. You then drive to Vianen via Schoonhoven. Vianen is a small fortified town on the Lek river (Bas-Rhin).

You will spend the evening and the night in Vianen.


Day 7: Vianen - Breukelen | Breukelen - Amsterdam (36 km or 46 km)


During breakfast, the Princess Royal sails to Breukelen where you disembark to begin your last cycling tour. Drive along the Vecht River through an area famous for its beautiful mansions and gardens. After crossing the villages of Nieuwersluis, Loenen and Vreeland, you reach Nigtevecht where you can visit a traditional cheese factory.

Pass through the historic town of Muiden before meeting the boat for the last time in the port of Amsterdam.

Day 8: Amsterdam


End of your bike and boat trip between Amsterdam and Bruges. Disembarkation after breakfast until 9:30 am.

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From Amsterdam
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Princesse Royal

General informations :

  • 8 days and 7 nights
  • Boat comfort level: Deluxe
  • Languages ​​spoken on board: English, Dutch and notions of French
  • Child rates: contact us

The dates :

Departure dates 2022:


Departure from Amsterdam on 05/07/2022


Departure from Bruges on 05/14/2022


Included :


  • Full board stay (picnic lunch)
  • Travel diary: we will provide you with the information relating to the progress of your stay as well as the itinerary upon validation of your reservation, subject to change.
  • Online guided tour

Not included :

  • Transport to the place of departure
  • Personal expenses
  • Visits

The options :

  • VTC or VAE rental
  • Personal bicycle location (compulsory if no bicycles are rented)
  • Helmet
  • Bike theft insurance (for rented bikes)
  • cancellation insurance
  • Additional night (s) at the start or end of the tour in a hotel in Amsterdam

Level :


1 2 3 4 5 6


Ground :


Flat, very smooth roads and paths. 90% program on cycle paths.

Weather :


Contrary to popular belief, the temperature in the Netherlands is similar to the temperature in France. Near the coast, the climate is sometimes windy.




- 0 to 55 km of hiking per day, or 3 to 4 hours of cycling.
- Easy to follow route. No difficulties, accessible to all.




- Guide and maps on the Netherlands on cartovelo.fr
- Guide and maps on Belgium on cartovelo.fr


The participants :


On board you will meet an international community of all ages.




Here are the people responsible for your bike and boat holidays:
On board, the captain and his boy. They are responsible for the smooth running of the vacation on the boat, and take the boat from stage to stage. The cook prepares the meals.
Each morning you can, if you wish, benefit from advice on the route to follow and additional tourist information.


Meals :


Breakfasts: on the boat you will find a hearty, Dutch breakfast, fit for a cyclist.
Lunches: after breakfast, you will prepare a “lunch” yourself (sandwiches, fruits, snacks, drinks).
Snack: after the daily trip, you will find, when you arrive on the boat, various drinks such as tea and coffee prepared for your return, with a cake.
Dinners: at least three very good quality dishes. After dinner you will have a choice of coffee and tea.
Other drinks, such as wine, beer, lemonade and mineral water, are not included but can be purchased on board at a reasonable price.


The bike :


At the start, on Saturday afternoon, a bike corresponding to your size will be assigned to you. After a test ride, you will sign a receipt. The bike (7-speed) will be at your disposal all week until Friday afternoon, when the bike is handed over.
The bikes will be fitted with saddlebags, as well as an anti-theft device, a container and a tire repair kit. There is no helmet on board.
If you take your own bike, it cannot be insured against theft by our company, you will have to make the necessary arrangements with your usual insurer. Don't forget your anti-theft. The return of your bike will be at your expense.


Transport :


By train: The departure towns for the bike and boat tours are served by the railway.
Amsterdam train station is very well connected: several trains run to and from France daily.
The Thalys is the fastest.
By plane: AMSTERDAM international airport.


Your vehicle:


We strongly advise against parking cars on the streets of Amsterdam. It is possible to reserve spaces in the city's guarded car parks on the Parking Centrum Oosterdok website.


Cancellation insurance :


In order to guarantee the reimbursement of expenses in the event of cancellation of your stay, you can take out cancellation insurance here.

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