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Moselle Coblence > Saarburg Standard - Ms Patria 2021
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Moselle Coblence > Saarburg Standard - Ms Patria 2021

Reference - 983736HOG

Bike and boat tour of 8 days and 7 nights. Departure from Coblenz or Saarburg.

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Technical Information
Dep Koblenz
Technical Information


Bike and Boat on Moselle Valley - MS Patria standard version


Bicycle tour, 8 days and 7 nights



- Departure from Koblenz, on Saturdays

- Feasible in 2021

Saison A : 10/04

Saison B : 09/10

Saison C : 24/04

Saison D : 08/05, 22/05, 19/06,

03/07, 31/07, 14/08, 28/08, 25/09


Options :

- Bike rental
- Extra night at the beginning and the end of the tour

General Information

- Cabins in lower deck
- All included (picnic for lunch)

- Road Book provided

- Present price low season main deck


- Kids prices : contact us


MS Patria 
- 78 m Length

- 34 cabins total; Air conditioning in each cabin

- Shower and toilet in all cabins

- 19 on upper deck and 15 on lower deck

- Wifi



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Technical Information
Dep Koblenz
Technical Information

Day 1 (Sat):  Embarkation: Koblenz

The MS Patria awaits you in Koblenz where the crew will welcome you on board from 4pm. Your first night will be spent in this fascinating and historic city, an important defensive and economic centre for centuries. Highlights include the old castle of Ehrenbreitstein which dominates the right bank of the Rhine, the 12th century Alte Burg Castle and old Koblenz town.

Day 2 (Sun): Koblenz – Alken | Alken – Moselkern – Cochem (Approx. 29 km/18 mi.)
Your tour starts this morning as the MS Patria sails to Alken where, following the distribution of bicycles, you will start pedalling via Moselkern to Cochem, your destination for the day. Cochem is a lovely little town that features historical half-timbered-houses, a picturesque old town and Reichsburg Castle.

Day 3 (Mon): Cochem – Beilstein – Zell on the Moselle (Approx. 39 km/24 mi.)
After breakfast you will cycle to Beilstein, one of the best preserved historical villages along the length of the Moselle. Towering above the village, which you will have the opportunity to explore, are the ruins of Castle Metternich. After leaving Beilsten you will pass Europe’s steepest vineyard – with slopes between 50 and 55 degrees – at Bremmer Calmont. Today’s tour ends in the wine village of Zell. In the evening you will have the chance to visit a local winegrowers place and enjoy a wine tasting with the famous Moselle wines (excursion, optional, bookable on board).

Day 4 (Tue): Zell on the Moselle – Bernkastel-Kues (Approx. 43 km/26 mi.)
Today you will cycle from Zell to the romantic village of Traben-Trarbach, located on the left bank of the Moselle and famous for its Jugendstil (art nouveau) architectural style. From there you pass through the wine city of Kröv – famous for producing the popular Kröver wine – to Bernkastel-Kues, your destination for the night. The grand half-timbered houses that surround Bernkastel-Kues’s market place date back to the Middle Ages and are a photographer’s delight. You will reach the ship in Kues after a tour through town. 

Day 5 (Wed): Bernkastel-Kues –Piesport – Mehring (Approx. 47 km/29 mi.)
Today’s cycle tour is all about the history of wine growing along the Moselle. After breakfast you will cycle to Piesport, the oldest winegrowing community along the Moselle where, if you are interested, you can take part in an optional excursion (bookable on board) of a guided tour to historic Roman cellars and vineyards. Later in the morning you will cycle to Neumagen-Dhron, widely recognised as the oldest wine growing city in Germany. After the lunch break the tour continues to Mehring, another village famous for its fine white wine, where your floating hotel the MS Patria will be waiting for you.

Day 6 (Thu): Mehring – Trier (Approx. 26-29 km/16-18 mi.)
You will cycle via Pfalzel to Trier, where the ship is waiting for you. In the afternoon you can explore the city in a special kind of way. Book a city walk with a “traditional Roman”. Trier is undoubtedly the historic highlight of the tour. A walk through the 16 BC-founded Trier is an overwhelming journey through the millennia, with no other place in Germany able to give you a better chance to experience the time of the Romans. Highlights include impressive structures such as the Porta Nigra, the Konstantin Basilica and the Roman Amphitheatre.

Day 7 (Fri): Trier –  Wasserbillig – Saarburg (Approx. 38 km/23 mi.)
Today you will be cycling along the river from Trier via Wasserbillig in Luxembourg to Saarburg, also called “little Venice”. In its center you will find a waterfall of 20 meters deep.

Day 8 (Sat): Saarburg
After breakfast: disembarkation and end of tour.

Details: In italics printed parts will be covered by the ship.

Daily self-guided cycling tours. All distances are “approximate distances” of recommended bike tours.
When guests do not want to cycle, they can stay on board, relax and enjoy sailing.
The tour details are barring changes, a.o. as a result of nautical, technical or meteorological reasons.
On the first day you are welcome to bring your luggage on board from 10am.

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Technical Information
Dep Koblenz
Technical Information

Levels  :
1 2 3 4 5 6

Terrain :
Flat and low resistance path. Program on 90% of cycle paths

Climate :
Temperatures in Moselle Valley are sweet during all seasons. They can be high during summer but dry.

Technicality :
0  to 50 km riding per day ie 3 to 4 hours riding.

Itinerary easy to follow. No difficulties, fully accessible to anyone.


Bibliography :

Cycling Guide on Moselle
Maps on Germany on cartovelo.fr

Accommodation Confort :
Cabins with air-conditionning on lower deck. All cabins have private toilet and bathroo. All cabins have twin beds. The dinners propose 3 dishes.


Extra nights : 
One additional night is available at the beginning and at the end of the tour in an hotel in Amsterdam.


Participants :
On board, you will meet an international community of all ages, men and women, bachelors and couples with kids.

Accompanying Guide :
Here are the people in charge of your holidays for the bike and boat :

- Aboard, the captain and his ship's apprentice. They are in charge of you on the boat and lead the boat from one stage to another. The chef prepares the meals.

- The guide. Daily briefings by multilingual (German/English) on board tour manager

The meals :
- Breakfast : aboard, you will find a substantial and dutch breakfast worthy of a cyclist.

- Lunch : after the breakfast, you will prepare your lunch by yourself (sandwiches, fruits, snacks and drinks)

- Snack : after the daily journey, you will find aboard different kinds of drinks, like tea and coffee with cake.

- Diners : minimum 3 good quality dishes. After diner, you may have some tea or coffee. 

The other drinks, like wine, beers, lemonade and mineral water are not included but are available on board and affordable.


The bike :

Leaving on Saturday afternoon, you will get a bike adapted to your height. The bike is an 7 gears one. It is at your disposal for the entire week until Friday in the afternoon.

The bike are equipped with panniers.

If you come with your own bikes, it cannot benefit from our company theft insurance, you must do what is necessary. Don't forget your lock.


Road book :

We will provide you the information concerning your tour as well as the itinerary,  except changes.


Transport : 

Koblenz's situation
- By train : It's relatively easy to go to Koblenz from Paris. Many trains with Deutsche Bahn.
By car : Koblenz is 5h45 from Paris taking highway A4.
- By plane : Francurt airbort is the closest from Koblenz. If you want to book a fly, we can do it for you with our Selectour travel agency.


Saarburg's situation

By train : gare TGV et Eurostar jusqu'à Trier. Puis train "local" jusqu'à Saarburg.
By car : Saarburg is 445 Km est from Paris. A31 between Luxembourg and Nancy or A4 bewteen Paris, Luxembourg and Trier, then Saarburg
By plane : Metz airport is the closest. If you want to book a fly, we can do it for you with our Selectour travel agency.


Your vehicle :
We advise you against parking your car in Koblenz's or Saarburg streets. It is possible to park your car on parkings near la Moselle..


Cancellation insurance :

In order to guarantee reimbursement of your fees, you may subscribe to a cancellation insurance. To know more about this insurance, click here

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Technical Information
Dep Koblenz
Technical Information

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Dep Koblenz
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