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Tulips Route - Anna Antal 2021

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8 days and 7 nights bike and boat - departure Amsterdam - 20 to 26 people - Full board - Boat Anna Antal

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Technical informations


Bike and Boat in Netherlands
Tulips Tour - Le Anna Antal


Bicycle tour, 8 days and 7 nights



- Departure from Amsterdam, 


- Feasible in 2021

low season 01/05

middle season the 10/04, 24/04



Options :

- Bike rental
- Extra night at the beginning and the end of the tour

General information
- Loop tour with a guide
- All included (picnic for lunch)

- Road Book provided
- Visits with guide (entrance fees not included)

- Kids prices : contact us


Anna Antal (standard plus)
    Capacity : 18
    Length x Width : 38 x 6.1 meters
    5 cabins with 2 low beds
    4 cabins with bunk beds
    Shower and toilet in all cabins


Details below



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Program Sud
Technical informations


With this tour, you will ride through the green heart of Holland with the Kagerplassen lakes. The stages are maximum 40 km long. So you will enjoy fully each town and especially the historical centers of Delft, Leyde, Haarlem and of course Amsterdam.


All the way, you will discover another face of Holland : painting. The well known Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh who made it famous. You may visit a lot of museums on this tour. You will also enjoy tulip blooming in April and May.


- The stages -


Day 1 - Amsterdam , Boarding at 2 PM, sailing to Uithoorn

Day 2 - Uithoorn to Gouda 40 km

Day 3 - Gouda to Delft 40 km

Day 4 - Delft to Leiden via Katwijk 40 km

Day 5 - Leiden - loop route in Keukenhof with public transport

Day 6 - Leiden to Haarlem 37 km

Day 7 - Haarlem to Amsterdam 40 km

Day 8 - Amsterdam, end of the tour before 10 AM


1 km = 0.62 miles

For navigation reasons the route might be modified or inverted


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Program Sud
Technical informations

Levels  :
1 2 3 4 5 6

Terrain :
Flat and low resistance path. Program on 90% of cycle paths

Climate :
Contrary to what we might think, temperature in Netherlands is close to the one in France. Near the coasts, it might be windy.

Technicality :
0  to 40 km riding per day ie 3 to 4 hours riding.

Itinerary easy to follow. No difficulties, fully accessible to anyone.


Bibliography :

Cycling maps on Netherlands on cartovelo.fr
Cycling guides on Netherlands on cartovelo.fr


Extra nights : 
An additional night is available at the beginning and at the end of the tour in an hotel in Amsterdam.


Participants :
On board, you will meet an international community of all ages, men and women, bachelors and couples with kids.

Accompanying :
Here are the people in charge of your holidays for the bike and boat :

- Aboard, the captain and his ship's apprentice. They are in charge of you on the boat and lead the boat from one stage to another. The chef prepares the meals.

- Participants are accompanied by a guide. He will help you in case of breakdown and will give you advice on the itinerary to follow. He will also give all the tourist informations you need. He or she is polyglot.

The meals :
- Breakfast : aboard, you will find a substantial and dutch breakfast worthy of a cyclist.

- Lunch : after the breakfast, you will prepare your lunch by yourself (sandwiches, fruits, snacks and drinks)

- Snack : after the daily journey, you will find aboard different kinds of drinks, like tea and coffee with cake.

- Diners : minimum 3 good quality dishes. After diner, you may have some tea or coffee. 

The other drinks, like wine, beers, lemonade and mineral water are not included but are available on board and affordable.


The bike :

Leaving on Saturday afternoon, you will get a bike adapted to your height. After a test, you will sign a receipt. The bike is an hybrid one with 21 gears. It is at your disposal for the entire week until Friday in the afternoon.

The bike are equipped with panniers, lock and repair kit. If you prefer a 7 gears bicycle, let us know ! (it must be specified when booking, too late on the boat)

If you come with your own bikes, it cannot benefit from our company theft insurance, you must do what is necessary. Don't forget your lock.The transportation to the starting point is of your responsability.


Road book :

We will provide you the information concerning your tour as well as the itinerary,  except changes.


Transport :  Location
- By train : Departure towns for the bike and boat tours are served by rail roads. Amsterdam train station is well served, several trains run in and out from France everyday. Thalys is the most rapid train.
- By plane : International airport of AMSTERDAM. Feel free visiting our travel agency website Selectour
 de Parthenay


Your vehicle :
We advise you against parking your car in Amsterdam streets. You will find some information on supervised parking spaces in Amsterdam on the following website : http://www.naaramsterdam.nl


Cancellation insurance :

In order to guarantee reimbursement of your fees, you may subscribe to a cancellation insurance. To know more about this insurance, click here


For more information : contact                




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