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Bike and boat Tulip tour on Fluvius


739.00 €
5 days and 4 nights bike cruise from Amsterdam with full board on the Tulip Route aboard the Fluvius.
La route des Tulipes à vélo et en bateau - Magnifique III


859.00 €
5 days and 4 nights bike and boat tour, departure Amsterdam - Full board (picnic at lunch time) - MS Magnifique III - Tulips route. 2020
Magnifique IV boat bike


859.00 €
5 days and 4 nights bike cruise from Amsterdam with full board aboard the Magnifique IV. Live a unique experience on the Tulip Route in Holland.
Amsterdam la route des tulipes


959.00 €
Experience a trip to the Netherlands on the Tulip Route aboard the sailing ship Leafde Fan Fryslân in 8 days and 7 nights full board.
magnifique II bike and boat Netherlands


959.00 €
5 days and 4 nights bike cruise from Amsterdam with full board aboard the Magnifique II. A unique experience on the Tulip Route.
Tulips and cheese tour in bike and boat - Anna Antal


1,050.00 €
8 days and 7 nights bike and boat trip from Amsterdam with full board aboard the Anna Antal. Stay on the tulip and cheese route in Holland.
Mare Fan Fryslan sur la route des Tulipes


1,159.00 €
8 days and 7 nights bike and sailboat trip on the Tulip Route aboard the Mare Fan Fryslân sailboat. An original experience in full board.
tulip field - Holland by bike


1,159.00 €
Cycling the Netherlands on the Tulip Route aboard the Wapen Fan Fryslân. A unique full board experience in 8 days et 7 nights from Amsterdam.
tulip tour


1,240.00 €
8 days and 7 nights bike and boat tour. Departure from Amsterdam. Full board. Boat The Clair de lune.
Bike and boat Wending


1,250.00 €
8 days and 7 nights bike and boat trip from Amsterdam with full board aboard the Wending. Unique and original cruise on the Tulip Route in the Netherlands.
Tulip tour bike and boat


1,315.00 €
8 days and 7 nights bike and boat trip from Amsterdam with full board. Bicycle cruise on the Tulip and Cheese Route in Holland.
Bike and boat Liza Marleen


1,350.00 €
Cycling and boating trip in Holland in 8 days and 7 nights from Amsterdam with full board on board the Liza Marleen.
Bike and boat tulip tour


1,410.00 €
8 days and 7 nights bike and boat trip from Amsterdam with full board at the Sailing Home. Discover Holland by bike, the land of tulips.

The Tulip Route: bike cruise in Holland

From mid-March to mid-May it is tulip season, in the Netherlands and elsewhere. However, it is a tradition and a specialty with our Dutch friends, more than in any other place. For centuries, the bulb has been cultivated on a large scale.

It is therefore a real colorful spectacle that awaits you at the beginning of spring. And there is no better way than by bike to admire these fields in bloom and treat yourself to unforgettable walks.

We therefore suggest that you go by bike and by boat to Holland to discover the flowering of tulips and all the unmissable sights around Amsterdam. You will inevitably pass by the essential Keukeunhof and its 7 million bulbs (>> more info).


The Tulip Route in 5 days

This bike cruise is the shortest offered. However, you do not miss "the essential" of tulips:

  • Keukenhof, the spring park
  • The world's largest flower auction market, FloraHolland, located in Aalsmeer
  • Bike rides among the fields of blooming tulips

Who says Netherlands, says mills and you will see some very beautiful ones in the authentic village of Zaanse Schans. With period buildings, preserved or restored, it is a real open-air museum. You dive into the heart of the 17th and 18th century with traditional houses, old docks, a tin foundry, a formagerie, a dairy farm, an old-fashioned grocery store and canals lining the whole.




The Tulip Route in 8 days: south of Amsterdam

On this bike and boat route, you set off in the direction of South Holland. The cheese capital of the Netherlands, Gouda is one of your first stops. And what a step! The city brilliantly combines the old and the new:

  • Lively and lively city center, with the very first 100% “fair trade” street
  • The emblematic town hall and its market square "Markt"
  • The Saint-Jean church with its magnificent stained-glass windows

You then head to Kinderdijk and its 19 authentic UNESCO World Heritage-listed mills before stopping in Rotterdam. It's a pretty raw port city with modern town planning that doesn't appeal to everyone. However, the city is alive and the cultural and artistic life is very intense. The city center is also welcoming and worth a visit. You finally arrive in Delft, a bustling university town with authentic charm, which is sure to please you.

The following days are spent heading north, in the heart of the bulble region. The fields of blooming tulips are then much more numerous. You will discover The Hague, its many historical monuments and its beach within walking distance before visiting Leiden, its museums and its citadel.

On your way to Haarlem, don't forget to stop at the Keukenhof. It would be a shame to miss this magnificent park, which must be visited at this time of year. You stop at Zaanse Schans before completing the loop in Amsterdam.




Tulip and Cheese Route: north and south of Amsterdam

This 8-day bike and boat tour takes you to both North Holland and South Holland. You start by heading towards Haarlem, a magnificent city with its historic city center, very famous among art lovers.

You have the possibility from the 2nd day to visit the Keukenhof. After stopping in Leiden and taking advantage of its many patios along the canals, you go to Aalsmeer and its famous flower market, the largest in the world. The Royal FloraHolland is a real spectacle not to be missed.

The cycle paths guide you to Zaanse Schans, a traditional village with its 17th and 18th century buildings. You then enter a region which has retained an authentic charm and which is very attached to traditions. Alkmaar is proof of this. The town is famous for its traditional cheese market and you can visit the Beer Museum and the Cheese Museum (hence the name of this tour).

The North Sea is never far away, and a swimming break is possible. Before returning to Amsterdam you will have the pleasure of pedaling in a natural park. Between Purmerend and Amsterdam, the charming fishing villages of Edam and Volendam are on the cycle route and are worth a visit.