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Danube by bike from Passau to Vienna


399.00  €
Donau radweg hotel to hotel from Passau to Vienna along the Donau from 8 days with transport lugages.
Vélo Bateau Passau Vienne Carissima


740.00  €
8 days and 7 nights cycling trip by bike and boat on the Danube loop between Passau and Vienna with full board on the Carissima.
Danube by bike, From Vienna to Budapest


545.00  €
Discover the Danube Valley by bike on the Eurovelo 6 route between Vienna and Budapest via Bratislava in 8 days and 7 nights in a hotel.
Danube by bike and boat from Passau to Budapest - Fortuna


799.00  €
8-day and 7-night looped bicycle and boat trip from Passau via Vienna, Bratislava to Budapest on the Fortuna with full board.
From Passau to Budapest on Carissima


810.00  €
The Danube by bike and by boat in 8 days and 7 nights aboard the Carissima with full board. From Passau to Budapest via Vienna and Bratislava, discover the beautiful Danube Valley.
From Passau to Belgrade aboard Carissima


1,499.00  €
The Danube by bike and by boat over 15 days and 14 nights full board in a loop from Passau. Pedal along the majestic river between Passau and Belgrade.
Château Sigmaringen


399.00  €
Donau Radweg, Source of Danube to Ulm - Free Bike tour organisation in hôtel tour with 6 days & 5 nights
The Danube by bike and by boat from Passau to Budapest - Primadonna


730.00  €
8-day and 7-night looped bike and boat trip from Passau with full board on the Primadonna. Cruise on the Danube to Budapest.

The Danube by bike


The source of the Danube by bike from Donaueshingen to Donauworth

We have selected the most beautiful part of the Danube valley to offer you our tours. Between Ulm and Budapest, visit typical Bavarian villages, historical monuments (Melk abbey, castles ...), the Wachau valley, internationally renowned cities (Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava), World Heritage sites of UNESCO and discover the cultural differences between the different countries crossed. Travel no less than 4 countries and cultures by visiting Germany, Austria, Hungary or even Slovakia by bike.
We offer cycling trips on the Danube of 8 days maximum but do not hesitate to contact us to combine two circuits or for longer durations.


The Danube, the most popular cycling route in Europe

The route, integrated into EuroVelo 6, is a treat for cycle tourists thanks to the quality of its cycle paths. In addition, the landscapes encountered are varied and magnificent. The width of the river is sometimes impressive, as are its 3 colors which can be observed in one and the same place: Passau. The cities along the route are prestigious and some are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime: Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, Passau ...

All these ingredients have made this cycle route the most practiced route in Europe. Cycle tourists come from all over the world to take full advantage of their cycling holidays.


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