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Amsterdam et Brugges
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Anna Antal bike and boat


945.00 €
8 days and 7 nights bike and boat trip from Amsterdam or Bruges with full board on the Anna Antal. Unique stay to discover Holland and Belgium.
Amsterdam to Bruges bike and boat on Fluvius


1,039.00 €
Voyage à vélo et en bateau de 8 jours et 7 nuits au départ de Bruges ou Amsterdam à bord du Fluvius. Partez à la découverte des plus belles villes de Hollande et Belgique.
Amsterdam and Bruges by bike and boat - Clair de lune


1,230.00 €
Bike & boat 8 jours et 7 nuits en vélo et en Bateau au départ de Amsterdam or Bruges - Prix en pension complète : Clair de lune.
Amsterdam to Brugges on Sailing Home


1,260.00 €
Embark on a unique 8-day and 7-night stay aboard the Sailing Home to discover Belgium and the Netherlands by bike. Full board bike cruise.
Bike and boat Amsterdam


1,379.00 €
8 days and 7 nights bike and boat tour, departure Amsterdam - Full board (picnic at lunch time) - Le Princesse Royal.
Amsterdam and Bruges in bike and boat - Liza Marleen


1,465.00 €
8 days and 7 nights bike and boat trip from Amsterdam or Bruges with full board on the Liza Marleen. Visit the most beautiful Flemish towns by bike.
Amsterdam and Bruges bike and boat - Magnifique II


1,499.00 €
8 days and 7 nights bike and boat trip from Bruges or Amsterdam with full board. Discovery of the most beautiful cities of Holland and Belgium aboard the Magnifique II
Magnifique III Amsterdam Bruges


1,499.00 €
8-day and 7-night bike and boat trip from Amsterdam or Bruges aboard the Magnificent III. Discovery of the most beautiful cities of Holland and the Netherlands.
Magnifique IV


1,499.00 €
8 days and 7 nights bike and boat trip. Embark on a unique excursion from the Netherlands to Belgium aboard the Magnificent IV.

Between the Netherlands and Belgium by bike and by boat

This bike cruise starts in Amsterdam and ends in Bruges. It can also be done in the reverse direction, depending on the departure dates. Please note, the program varies slightly depending on the direction of navigation and the chosen boat.


South West Holland by bike

You leave Amsterdam and head south to stay and cycle between the provinces of South Holland and Zeeland. These two regions are rich, dynamic and historic. You will find a very important cultural and architectural heritage:

  • Kinderdijk and its mills (the best-preserved set of mills in the country) are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are worth a visit.
  • Willemstad, a beautiful fortified town at the crossroads of two rivers, the Volkerak and the Hollands Diep
  • Keekrak locks, among the most imposing in the world
  • Utrecht, a very dynamic and constantly evolving city, is appreciated for its medieval heritage (churches, Saint-Martin's cathedral), its green canals bordered by terraces or the Schrodër house, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Gouda, the Dutch cheese capital is worth visiting. With its emblematic Town Hall, its market square, its Saint-Jean church (with magnificent stained glass windows) and its lively city center, walks are very pleasant.

Northwestern Belgium by bike

You discover the region of Flanders by bike. It is a magnificent region. It is a pleasure to walk in the bucolic countryside, along the Escault and its many tributaries. The cities also have great surprises in store for you between historic town centers, medieval towns and ports of international dimension.

  • Bruges, nicknamed the "Venice of the North", is a city with a strong heritage from medieval times and it is a delight to cycle through its streets and canals.
  • Ghent is a very pleasant student city where, in addition to visiting very beautiful monuments (Gravensteen castle, Saint-Nicolas church, Sain-Bavon cathedral ...), you can enjoy the lively city center and many charming squares where welcoming pubs.
  • Antwerp has also been marked by history, and Renaissance architecture is reflected in the Grand Place, located in the heart of the old town. It is the most populous city in the country and the second European port after Rotterdam.


Bike and boat route between Amsterdam and Bruges: