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Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute


1,160.00 €
Bike and boat trip in 8 days and 7 nights from Mantua or Venice aboard the Ave Maria. Discovery of the Po Delta and Venice.
Italy by bike and by boat, between Mantua and Venice - Vita Pugna 2025


1,180.00 €
Bike and boat trip in 8 days and 7 nights in Italy between Mantua and Venice aboard the cruise ship Vita Pugna. Discovery of the Po Delta, the towns of Adria and Chioggia.

Bike and boat in Italy


Bike tour in the North East of Italy

Italy by bike and by boat is the opportunity to travel on and next to the Po river. This circuit crosses two regions of Italy: Lombardy and Veneto. It connects Mantova to Venice and therefore includes a part by boat on the sea since the Po flows into the sea a few dozen kilometers south of Venice.

Choice of boat comfort and navigation direction

This bike trip is possible in two comfort levels: "Comfort" and "Comfort +". This actually corresponds to two different boats. In both cases, the boats assure you a pleasant journey.
the circuit is also possible in both directions of navigation: Mantova to Venice and Venice to Mantova. This is according to your preferences, because you can also plan an additional night in Venice, Mantova or Mestre.


Italy by bike on a classic circuit

You are here in the category of bike and boat tours. To discover Italy in a more classic way (from hotels to hotels) you can click on this link.


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