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Primadonna et vallée du Danube


699.00 €
Exceptional 8-day and 7-night cycling and boat trip on the Danube from Passau with full board aboard MS Primadonna.
The Danube by bike and by boat from Passau to Budapest - Primadonna


790.00 €
8-day and 7-night looped bike and boat trip from Passau with full board on the Primadonna. Cruise on the Danube to Budapest.
Vallée du Danube


899.00 €
8 days and 7 nights cycling trip by bike and boat on the Danube loop between Passau and Vienna with full board on the Swiss Crown.
Croisière sur le Danube - Vivienne


999.00 €
8-day and 7-night looped bike and boat trip from Passau with full board on the Vivienne. Cruise on the Danube to Budapest.
Le Danube


1,099.00 €
The Danube by bike and by boat in 8 days and 7 nights aboard the Swiss Crown with full board. From Passau to Budapest via Vienna and Bratislava, discover the beautiful Danube Valley.
Vallée du Danube


1,465.00 €
Voyage à vélo et en bateau de 13 jours et 12 nuits à bord du MS Primadonna. Circuit vélo au départ de Passau par Vienne, Bratislava jusqu'à Belgrade sur l'Eurovelo 6.
Mosel by bike and Standard boat


1,509.00 €
Cycling and boat trip of 8 days and 7 nights from Cochem or Metz with full board on board the Princesse Royal on the Moselle between France, Germany and Luxembourg.
Swiss Crown


2,349.00 €
The Danube by bike and by boat over 15 days and 14 nights full board in a loop from Passau. Pedal along the majestic river between Passau and Belgrade.


Germany by bike and boat

Bike cruise on the Danube

If the Danube by bike is a well-known destination for cycle tourists, it is also well known for cruise passengers. The cycling network is of unparalleled quality in Europe, from its source in Donaueschingen to Budapest, Hungary. In addition, the Danube, a capricious and winding river, often very wide, sometimes very narrow, is a magnificent setting for traveling by boat. It offers magnificent and varied landscapes. As proof, part of the Danube Valley, the Wachau Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as is the historic center of Vienna or part of Budapest, including the banks of the Danube.


Do you know EuroVelo 6? It is a European cycle route which passes south-south of Germany and which completely follows the Danube from its source to its mouth.


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Saar and Moselle by bike and by boat

The Moselle by bike is a popular route in Germany while in France it is very little known. However, the quality of the cycle paths and the complete markup (German part) make it a great cycle tourism destination.
In addition, tourist interests are numerous. The Roman Empire very early invested the valley to such an extent that Trier (Trier in German) is considered to be the oldest city in Germany. The heritage of antiquity is therefore rich and absolutely worth discovering. The heritage dating from other periods (Middle Ages, Renaissance, industrial era) is not to be outdone since along the route there are many castles, medieval towns, picturesque squares, half-timbered houses and other authentic monuments.
It is also in Moselle that the first German vines appeared. Even if the wines are not as famous there as in Burgundy or Alsace, you might be surprised by some, especially the whites, a local specialty. In addition, it is in Beilstein that we find the steepest vineyard in Europe.


The route we offer for this cycling and boat holiday actually takes place in the Saar and Moselle valleys. The Saar is a tributary of the Moselle which itself empties into the Rhine at Koblenz. Your journey therefore starts in Saarburg (Germany) and ends in Koblenz or vice versa. Saarburg is a charming medieval town famous for its 20m high waterfall located right in the city center. Koblenz is a university city where life is good. The city center, entirely reserved for pedestrians, is very pleasant. The city is crossed by the Moselle and the Rhine and is surrounded by forests.