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Major routes: EuroVelo routes and national cycle routes

The EuroVelo routes (>> find out more) are 17 in number. They allow you to cycle through Europe from North to South, from East to West, up and down, across and across. These 17 routes of the European Union are not all completed, some being only at the draft stage. Others are almost completed (signposted and on their own site) such as EuroVelo 6 (Atlantic - Black Sea), the Rhine Cycle Route (EuroVelo 15) or ViaRhôna (EuroVelo 17).

These Eurpene cycle routes are in any case a great opportunity to develop bicycle tourism as well as daily travel via this economical and ecological means of transport.


Alongside European initiatives, countries are also organizing themselves to promote their regions and their assets. They are thus developing national, regional or trans-regional bicycle routes. We can cite, for the case of France, the Vélo Francette, the Flow Vélo or the Bay of the Somme by bike. Germany has developed the Moselle by bike or the Tour of Lake Constance by bike and many more. The Netherlands has such a dense cycle network that there is a lot to mention.


Cycling holidays inspired by these routes

At La Bicyclette Verte, we therefore naturally took an interest in these routes in order to develop and select successful bicycle routes. We took what seemed to be the best bike routes and then took the best portions.