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The Netherlands by bike and by boat is a bit of a Green Bicycle classic. We have been offering the destination for over 25 years! After all these years, we remain convinced that this is the best way to discover this country where water management and where to travel by bicycle are very important. All the bike and boat trips we offer start from Amsterdam and return there at the end of your stay. These are loop bike tours. It is therefore easy to get there and leave at the end of the stay.

Please note these programs are quickly full. If you are interested, book quickly!

The Tulip Route

You may know the story of the very first speculative bubble in the world: tulip addiction. In the 17th century, the tulip craze became so important that the prices of tulip onion soared. At the height of tulipomania in 1637, promises of sale for a tulip bulb were negotiated for an amount representing up to 10 times the salary of a craftsman of the time.
Today the cultivation of tulips, and more generally horticulture and market gardening, is still a Dutch specialty. So much so that the fields of flowering tulips have become a tourist attraction!
Take a cycling holiday out of season in March, April and May on these "Tulip" circuits to enjoy this spectacle and visit the famous Keukenhof park in its most beautiful colors.

The Netherlands on a "classic" bike tour

It is one of the first destinations for cycling tourism. The Land of the Little Queen has recognized the bicycle as a means of transport for many years. The Netherlands invites you to discover more than 37,000 km of perfectly marked cycle routes.


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Did you know :

- in Amsterdam, there are 222 trams, 277 buses, 106 metro lines and fast trains

- Oude Kerk church is the oldest preserved building

- 600,000 bikes circulate daily

- The city has 165 canals and 1,281 bridges

- 2,500 barges are moored


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