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Lake Constance by bike
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Stein Am Rhine, view from Rhine


449.00 €
5-day, 4-night sports bike trip in a hotel. Stages of 80 km around Lake Constance. Loop circuit departing from Constance.
Lake Constance 6 days Etoile


499.00 €
Star bike tour around Lake Constance in 6 days and 5 nights in hotel in standard or comfort version on the border between 3 countries: Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
Constanz by bike


599.00 €
Cycling trip to Lake Constance in 7 days and 6 nights in a hotel. Loop circuit departing from Constance in standard or comfort version.
Constance Lake 8 days


799.00 €
Germany's largest lake and its unmissable cycling route depart from Constance in 8 days and 7 unforgettable nights for a turnkey holiday.
Lake Constance by bike - family program


729.00 €
Family bike trip around Lake Constance to discover 3 countries with a selection of fun activities in 7 days and 6 nights.


Cycling Lake Constance, a unique cycling destination


A special environment

Lake Constance (Bodensee in German) is in fact the meeting of two independent lakes (the lower lake "Untersee", 63 km², and the upper lake "Obersee", 473 km²). There are no less than 10 islands over 2000 m² to visit. The island of Reichenau, the largest, has an abbey listed as World Heritage by UNESCO while the island of Mainau, has been fully developed for tourism. There are botanical gardens, greenhouses and an animal park.

The lake is fed by the Rhine and is located in the foothills of the Alps. The local ecosystem is very special and the temperatures are mild all year round.


3 countries, an adventure without borders

Another particularity, the lake is the crossroads of 3 countries: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Despite this administrative division, a cycle route is designed to be able to complete the entire tour of Lake Constance. There are also many greenways that allow you to get away from the lake to discover the surroundings, regardless of which country you are in.


Outstanding tourist interests (three cultural attractions listed as World Heritage by UNESCO)

In disorder we can cite: the flower island of Mainau, vineyards, hermal stations, prehistoric dwellings on stilts, a living culture, castles and fortresses, the Rhine falls, abbeys, the port of Lindau guarded by a giant lion, the city of Constance, the island of Reichenau ... you may not have time to discover everything but you will know how to occupy your days!

Cycling holidays for everyone:

All our tours start from the city of Constance (Germany), but can start from other cities on the route (on request). Discover various formulas that adapt to all needs:
- a sports version with longer stages (between 60 and 85 km per day).
- an "easy" version to spend a family cycling holiday (between 10 and 40 km per day) or to take your time.
- a star package to take advantage of Constance over time and avoid hotel changes.
- a 7-day and an 8-day package to discover the Rhine Falls.

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