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» Our formula of cycling holidays

Our formula of cycling holidays

Cycle trip with La Bicyclette Verte : « you cycle, we take care of the rest »


This is a good summary of our philosophy and the bike tours we offer. We select for you the most beautiful destinations, suitable for cycling. On each circuit we take care of:

  • Locate a specific route as far as possible from the cars with accessible stages, allowing you to move forward and visit at your own pace.
  • Practice the route from A to Z to ensure its viability.
  • Collect as much tourist and cultural information as possible to allow you to fully discover the region.
  • Find charming and / or quality accommodation suitable for the bicycle trip.
  • Prepare and offer quality equipment, for everyone (hybrid bike, electrically assisted bicycle, child trailer, tandem ...).
  • Find a local and skilled partners if we cannot be there.

A “basic formula” and options, to personalize your bike trip and experience with La Bicyclette Verte

The "basic formula" includes in all our tours:

  • Overnight accommodation and breakfast (unless otherwise indicated) for the duration of the stay.
  • Luggage transport from accommodation to accommodation (except for centre tours where there is no change of accommodation).
  • A travel book including a map and a description of the cycling stages (roadbook) as well as tourist information. On certain destinations a GPS track is available.
  • 7/7 assistance.
  • Some circuits include essential activities (examples: 1 hour guided boat in the Marais Poitevin | Visit the flower market in Keukenhof | ...)

The options of our cycle tours :

  • Rental of equipped bikes (hybrid bike, electrically assisted bicycle, child seat, child trailer, tandem ...).
  • Half board to enjoy the local gastronomy at dinner time.
  • Additional night (s) at the start or end of the tour to better discover the city of departure and / or the city of arrival.
  • Certain circuits are available in different comfort levels. "Standard +" corresponds to hotels of levels 2 and 3 *. "Comfort" corresponds to hotels of levels 3 and 4 *. For the “Bike and Boat” circuits, you also have the choice of the type of cabin and / or deck.
  • Back to the starting point. For online tours, we offer a return to the starting point by train or private shuttle with the return of personal bikes.
  • Activities and / or visits (examples: visits to 3 Loire castles | boat trip ...).


Bike touring accessible to all and tours dedicated to families

Most of our tours are designed for "the general public". This means that there is no need to practice sport regularly to be able to go on a bike trip with La Bicyclette Verte:

  • Our level 1 tours include an average of 40 km per day (without elevation gain), or 4 hours of cycling maximum. If you are wondering "Am I able to do a level 1 circuit?" The answer is most certainly "yes" (unless medical contraindication of course). In addition, the Electrically Assisted Bike can be a good alternative.
  • Our level 2 tours range from 40 to 60 km per day (without elevation gain) or 5 hours of cycling maximum.
  • Our level 3 tours are at least 50 km per day and can offer a little elevation gain.
  • Our family level tours offer less than 40 km per day and take place almost entirely on cycle paths. They are ideal for families with young children (0-6 years old) and novice cyclists (6-12 years old).

Cycling holidays in France and Europe

With its experience (over 30 years), La Bicyclette Verte has expanded its catalog over the years. Today we offer cycling holidays in more than 12 European countries. You can cycle through Europe and its most beautiful destinations are at your fingertips.