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Vélo Bateau Passau Vienne Carissima


599.00 €
8 days and 7 nights cycling trip by bike and boat on the Danube loop between Passau and Vienna with full board on the Carissima.
Danube by bike and boat from Passau to Budapest - Fortuna


799.00 €
8-day and 7-night looped bicycle and boat trip from Passau via Vienna, Bratislava to Budapest on the Fortuna with full board.
From Passau to Budapest on Carissima


799.00 €
The Danube by bike and by boat in 8 days and 7 nights aboard the Carissima with full board. From Passau to Budapest via Vienna and Bratislava, discover the beautiful Danube Valley.
From Passau to Belgrade aboard Carissima


1,499.00 €
The Danube by bike and by boat over 15 days and 14 nights full board in a loop from Passau. Pedal along the majestic river between Passau and Belgrade.
The Danube by bike and by boat from Passau to Budapest - Primadonna


749.00 €
8-day and 7-night looped bike and boat trip from Passau with full board on the Primadonna. Cruise on the Danube to Budapest.

The Danube, in the footsteps of Eurovelo 6


Bike and boat: the best way to discover the Danube

Enjoy breakfast at sunrise while sailing on the Danube. Join the shore in the morning and get on your bike to go on an adventure on the banks ... This is the best way for us to discover the Danube. This bike and boat package guarantees you quality, original accommodation and full board accommodation. You pedal on selected portions and return to your floating hotel at the end of the day for dinner and overnight.


Cycling between Passau, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest

We offer two great bike and boat routes on the Danube: you will leave, in all cases from Passau and return there at the end of your stay.
- Aboard MS Theodor Körner, the most downstream destination is Vienna. You will therefore be visiting the Danube Valley between Passau and Vienna for the duration of your 8-day cycling trip.
- On board MS Fortuna and MS Carissima you go to Budapest, via Bratislava. 3 magnificent capitals are on the program of this cycling route which also makes you discover the most beautiful parts of the Danube by bike between Passau and Budapest.

- On board the Carissima, the 15-day program allows you to discover the most beautiful capitals of the Danube. In addition to Passau, Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest, you also visit Belgrade, the magnificent Serbian capital. The famous Iron Gates, a grand canyon with these incredible landscapes are also on the route.


EuroVelo 6: the bicycle touring reference

The quality of the cycling infrastructure is impeccable on EuroVelo 6, which extends from Saint-Brévin-les-Pins to the Black Sea. Cycle tourists know this and this makes it the most traveled EuroVelo, specifically along the Danube. We also suggest cycling the Danube on a "classic" cycling holiday.

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>> The Danube by bike in "classic formula"

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