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Cycle touring on the Danube by bike between Passau and Vienna


410.00 €
Donau radweg hotel to hotel from Passau to Vienna along the Donau from 8 days with transport lugages.
Château Sigmaringen


472.00 €
Donau Radweg, Source of Danube to Ulm - Free Bike tour organisation in hôtel tour with 6 days & 5 nights
Vallée du Danube


649.00 €
8 days and 7 nights cycling trip by bike and boat on the Danube loop between Passau and Vienna with full board on the Swiss Crown.
The Danube by bike and by boat from Passau to Budapest - Primadonna


749.00 €
8-day and 7-night looped bike and boat trip from Passau with full board on the Primadonna. Cruise on the Danube to Budapest.
Danube by bike and boat from Passau to Budapest - Fortuna


864.00 €
8-day and 7-night looped bicycle and boat trip from Passau via Vienna, Bratislava to Budapest on the Fortuna with full board.
Le Danube


864.00 €
The Danube by bike and by boat in 8 days and 7 nights aboard the Swiss Crown with full board. From Passau to Budapest via Vienna and Bratislava, discover the beautiful Danube Valley.
Swiss Crown


1,619.00 €
The Danube by bike and by boat over 15 days and 14 nights full board in a loop from Passau. Pedal along the majestic river between Passau and Belgrade.
Moselle River by bike


419.00 €
Cycling trip along the Moselle in 6 days and 5 nights in a hotel from Trier to Koblenz. Discover the Moselle valley, between France, Luxembourg and Germany.

Germany by bike

Germany is a country that has started cycling for a very long time. As proof, there are nearly 250 national routes on cycle paths, which guide tourists through the varied landscapes of the country.

With its position in the center of Europe, Germany also sees no less than ten EuroVelo routes, including the most popular and the most successful, EuroVelo 6 (Atlantic - Black Sea).


A selection of the most beautiful cycling routes in Germany

We have traveled the most beautiful cycle routes in the country to select only the best. 3 destinations have therefore caught our attention to share the joy of cycling with you.

  • The Danube valley by bike is a must, and the river is as beautiful as the small villages crossed or the famous cities (Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava ...). With many UNESCO heritage sites and one of the best cycling networks in the world, the Danube by bike is a 'must-see'.
  • The Moselle by bike, less popular than its counterpart, has nothing to be ashamed of. The route is signposted and almost entirely on cycle paths. It is therefore very pleasant to explore this valley, with its steep vineyards and the rich heritage of the Roman Empire.
  • Lake Constance is at the crossroads of 3 countries (with Austria and Switzerland), but the majority of its shores are in Germany. Our tours to this magnificent destination begin in Constance. Surrounded by the majestic Alps, the lake is full of tourist attractions, charming villages, small beaches and charming ports.