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Croatia by bike, tour of the Istrian peninsula

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8 days and 7 nights cycling trip in northern Croatia. Tour the Istrian peninsula by bike, between Land and Sea. Departing from Poreč, discover Pula, Rovinj, Labin or Buzet.

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Northern Croatia by bike: the Istrian peninsula by bike



Between Land and Sea, this route makes you come in all colors. Côte Terre, The perched villages of the hilly hinterland have a unique charm between medieval heritage and breathtaking panoramas. The vineyards, olive groves and dense green forests are reminiscent of Italian Tuscany. The tasty local wines, truffles as a specialty of the region and the excellent gastronomy complete the picture magnificently.

On the sea side, the authentic villages with rich heritage, Roman, Venetian or from the Austro-Hungarian empire are incredible. It is also an opportunity to discover preserved and protected natural areas.


Day 1: arrival in Porec

At 7 p.m., welcome and short presentation with our local correspondent. Equipment and tests for those who have reserved a bike


Day 2: from Porec to Buje - 72 km

Poreč is the unmissable town of Istria. Stroll in the footsteps of the splendors of yesteryear which are scattered throughout the city: Roman forum, rich villas from different eras or the famous Euphrasian basilica.

The bike route takes place mainly along the coast, between the Mediterranean Sea, vineyards and olive groves. Don't hesitate to stop and taste the gastronomy and local production such as honey and Brandy (a sort of Cognac). Moving away from the coast, Višnjan and its astronomical observatory are on your route. Just like the charming coastal towns of Novigrad or Umag. There are traces of the old Venetian Republic. From Umag branches off towards the land and Buje, the end of this first stage.


Day 3: from Buje to Buzet - 54 km

After the effort, comfort. You will have to climb a little to reach Grožnjan, a medieval village perched on a hill. A haven of arts and crafts, with its ramparts, its Renaissance balcony from 1585 and its baroque church, it is a journey through time that is offered to its visitors. The streets are dotted with workshops and art galleries.

One medieval hilltop village hides another. Oprtalj, with its Venetian palaces, its old town, its narrow streets and its charming shops almost makes you forget Grožnjan. According to locals, the panorama of the Istrian peninsula is probably the most beautiful!

Buzet, final destination of the day is an ancient Roman city called Pinquentium. Today it is nicknamed the city of truffles. The forests surrounding it are renowned as the most profiled by hunters of the exquisite mushroom.


Day 4: from Buzet to Labin/Rabac - 67 km

After a nice climb towards Prodani, the route takes you to one of the most picturesque and interesting medieval towns in Istria, Draguć. The city suffered greatly from the abandonment of the silkworm culture which sustained it a hundred years ago. However, the surrounding landscapes, its old stone buildings, its palaces, the walls and the old church give it a unique charm. It is for these reasons that many Croatian and international productions have been filmed here, such as “The 3 Musketeers”.

Continue your journey to Pazin. This is certainly the true heart of the Istrian peninsula. A historic town dating from before 983 (writings have been found mentioning the town then known as Castrum Pisinum), Pazin is considered the main cultural, academic and commercial center of Istria. Its castle is located on top of a 130 meter high cliff. After Pazin, you pass through Gračišće, another pearl of the Istrian hinterland. The Salomon residence, a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance style, is reminiscent of some of the most beautiful buildings in Venice.

Rabac is your base for the evening. This city, located in the Kvarner Bay, is absolutely magnificent.


Day 5: from Labin/Rabac to Pula - 53 km

Direction Raša, Istria's first modern mining town. On the route you pass by the Liburna nature reserve which is home to many local animal species (mainly donkeys). You can visit a collection of antique tools.

Pula, today's stopover town, is only a few kilometers away. Rome and Pula have a lot in common: both were founded on 7 hills, have a rich heritage from the Roman Empire (especially the amphitheater) and a rich culture. Don't arrive too late to make sure you take the time to walk around town and visit!


Day 6: Pula to Rovinj - 61 km

Today's route takes you to Rovinj, via the coast. Set out through the mysterious region of Bale, proud of its Soardoo-Bembo castle with its Gothic-Renaissance mix and its Saint Julian's church. Bale was built on an ancient “Roman castrum” (military fortification) along the Via Flava, the road that connects Trieste to Pula.

The village of Svetvinčenat is also worth a visit with its grandiose Morosini-Grimani citadel, its towers, its church and its Renaissance-style houses. We see the influence of the rock republic of Venice. Your journey ends in Rovinj, a magnificent village on the shores of the Adriatic, nicknamed the Venice of Istria.


Day 7: from Rovinj to Poreč - 60 km

A swamp, rare birds, a cursed city, buried pirate treasure, a fjord, a cave with a primitive man and a hermit, an astronomical observatory: this is the (heavy) program for the day. Between preserved natural areas, medieval villages full of history and legends, remarkable ruins and the famous Captain Morgan, you will not have time to get bored. Most of this cycling route runs mainly along the coast and takes you to Poreč, a little gem of the peninsula.


Day 8: Poreč

End of your trip to the Istrian peninsula by bike after breakfast.

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General informations :

  • 8 days and 7 nights
  • Comfort level of accommodation in standard version: 3*
  • Comfort level of accommodation in comfort version: 4*
  • Prices for children: contact us.

The dates :

Departures from 01/03 to 30/11/2024

  • Low season: from 01/03 to 19/04
  • Mid-season: from 04/20 to 06/19 and from 09/20 to 11/30
  • High season: from 06/20 to 09/19

Included :

  • 7 nights with breakfast
  • Personalized welcome
  • Application including maps, points of interest and GPS tracks
  • Luggage transportation
  • Helpline

Not included :

  • Local taxes
  • ​Transport to the place of departure
  • back to the starting point
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Anything not mentioned in the “included” section

The options :

  • VTC or VAE rental
  • Additional night at the start or end of the tour
  • Transferts aéroports et/ou retour au point de départ possibles sur demande
  • Bicycle theft insurance (for rented bicycles)
  • cancellation insurance

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Ground :

Suitable for anyone in good physical condition and with some cycling experience. It is hilly terrain.


Climate :

Hot and dry summers. We advise you to travel outside of July and August.



Cycling: 40 to 70 km per day or 2 to 5 hours of cycling. From 310 to 900 m of positive altitude difference.
Partly marked route, useful roadbook and map reading.



cycling maps of Croatia on cartovelo.fr


Additional nights:

An additional night is offered to you at the start and/or end of the tour.


Meal :

  • Breakfasts: copious (coffee, tea, chocolate, milk, bread butter, jam, orange juice) or buffet
  • Lunch: not included
  • Dinner: not included - restaurants nearby on each stage.

The bike :

Rental bicycle: If you rent a bicycle, it will be given to you on the day of your arrival at the 1st hotel. At the end of the tour, you must leave this bike at the last hotel and notify reception. We will take care of his return.
Personal bicycle: We do not recommend bicycles with small tires. VTC and mountain bikes are excellent. Remember to service your bicycle before leaving. At the end of the tour, you will have to take care of your own bicycle.


Assistance in the event of a breakdown (except punctures for which we do not intervene).


Luggage :

They are transported by a courier or by our team and limited to one piece of luggage per person (max. 20 kg).



It includes detailed route maps and descriptions, hotel and restaurant vouchers and luggage tags. He is put back on site.


Transportation :

  • By train: from Paris, allow around 21 hours via Munich and Ljubljana
  • By car: Poreč is approximately 1400 km from Paris
  • By plane: Pula, Trieste, Venice, Zagreb or Ljubljana airports

Cancellation insurance :

To guarantee reimbursement of costs in the event of cancellation of your stay, you can take out cancellation insurance. To learn more about insurance, click here.

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