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Mosel by bike and Standard boat- Magnifique I

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Discover the Moselle by bike and boat from Cochem or Metz, full board aboard the Magnifique I between France, Germany and Luxembourg.

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Magnifique I

The Moselle Valley by bike on Magnifique I



Travel along the Moselle by bike and enjoy a unique experience aboard Le Magnifique. Here, the scenery is magnificent, the wines are excellent and the conditions for cycling are ideal. 
The Moselle has the privilege of running between France, Luxembourg and Germany.
You'll cycle through picturesque, historic villages and beautiful towns like Cochem, Bernkastel and Trier. 
The Moselle bike tour continues on to Luxembourg and Metz. 
Sleep and dine aboard a floating hotel in premium comfort. 
This trip is fully guided by a competent and professional tour leader.


Highlights : 

  • exceptional scenery along the Moselle
  • the cities of Metz, Cochem and Luxembourg
  • the Roman history of Trier
  • Riesling wines and the surrounding region
  • guided tour 
  • gastronomy
  • The Magnificent

Day 1: Cochem


Embarkation and check-in aboard Le Magnifique at 2:00 pm in Cochem.
After a welcome meeting with the crew, follow the guide on a tour of the town of Cochem, its steep mountains covered with vineyards, its wooded hills, its castle and its pretty half-timbered houses. Start your tour with a visit to Cochem's majestic Reichsburg Castle.
First night and dinner aboard Le Magnifique. 


Day 2: Cochem - Zell - 39 km


After breakfast, you'll start your bike trip to Beilstein, one of the best-preserved historic villages on the Moselle. You can walk through the ruins of Metternich Castle, which dominate the village. After leaving Beilstein, the route takes you past Europe's steepest vineyard with slopes of up to 60 degrees at Bremmer Calmont.
Today's stage ends in the Moselle wine village of Zell, well known for its Zeller Schwarze Katz wine.
Take time to sample the fine wines of the Moselle Valley.


Day 3: Zell - Bernkastel-Kues - 45 km


Today's stage takes you from Zell to the romantic village of Traben-Trarbach, located on the left bank of the Moselle and famous for its Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) architecture. You then pass through the wine-growing town of Kröv, famous for its wine, before reaching Bernkastel-Kues.
The large half-timbered houses surrounding the Bernkastel-Kues market square date back to the Middle Ages.
After a tour of the town, you'll return to your barge in Kues.


Day 4: Bernkastel-Kues - Neumagen - Schweich - 28 km or 54 km | Schweich - Trier


Set off from Bernkastel and drive through the valley with its vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see. You'll pass Brauneberg, Piesport and Trittenheim, famous for their wine production. Piesport is known to the British for its "little golden droplets". Trittenheim lies on a sharp bend in the Moselle, overlooked by vine-covered mountains.
Around midday, you reach Neumagen, once an important wine-producing center in Roman times. You can join the Magnifique or continue by bike to Schweich.
Once on board, you'll sail to Trier, Germany's oldest city. As a trading city and administrative center, Trier flourished in the late imperial era. This Roman golden age left us with many monuments to discover, including the Porta Nigra city gate built around 18 AD.


Day 5: Trier - Sarrebourg - 28 km


In the morning, your guide takes you to Trier for a dip in Roman history. You'll then have time to explore the city at your leisure. 
After lunch, pick up your bikes and cycle along the Moselle and Saar rivers to Sarrebourg. Sarrebourg is an old town in the most beautiful part of the Saar Valley. Here, the banks of the Saar are densely wooded. 
Sarrebourg castle dates back to the middle of the 10th century. In the center of town, you can admire a 20-meter-high waterfall with a small mill. In this part of town, you can see old houses from the 17th and 18th centuries still intact.
There is no dinner on board this day. You'll have a choice of Sarrebourg's many restaurants.


Day 6: Sarrebourg - Remich - 45 km or 53 km


This stage gives you a choice of 2 cycling itineraries in the Moselle valley. One is easy, but a little longer and follows rivers. The shorter option is a little more difficult and crosses the hills. Whichever you choose, this cycling route takes you to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Here, the Moselle forms the border between Germany and Luxembourg.
Luxembourg is a small country, but its capital is an important financial center and administrative city of the EU.

Along the way, you can stop off at a cooperative winery specializing in "Crémant", or Moselle Champagne. Near the town of Remich, you can admire a Roman mosaic floor. This tiled floor was once the centerpiece of a sumptuous Roman villa. 


Day 7: Remich - Schengen | Schengen - Thionville - 30 km | Thionville-Metz 


Over breakfast, you sail to Schengen, where your bike tour begins. The "Schengen Agreement" is named after this small Luxembourg town on the border of 3 countries.
You'll cross the Franco-Luxembourg border without border controls. You can admire the fortress of Sierck-les-Bains during your bike tour. This was one of the palaces inhabited by the powerful Dukes of Lorraine.
This beautiful route passes through the French countryside and its picturesque villages. Around midday, you arrive in Thionville, a major steel-making center until the 1980s. The town may look modern and industrial, but it's actually ancient. The historic center boasts medieval ramparts, pretty gardens, old streets and the Basilica of Saint-Maximin. Here, the Magnifique awaits you for a cruise to Metz
You can visit Saint-Etienne's Cathedral, France's 3rd largest Gothic church with flying buttresses and stained-glass windows by Marc Chagall. Metz is a city of exceptional architecture.


Day 8: Metz


End of Moselle bike and boat trip aboard the Magnifique. Disembark after breakfast, until 9:30 am.

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Day 1: Metz

Boarding and check-in in Metz at 2pm aboard Le Magnifique. After a welcome meeting with the crew and an initial chat with the other passengers, you can test your rental bike.

After lunch, the guide will take you on a walking tour of Metz. Metz is a beautiful old city, strategically located on a Roman trade route.

The Cathedral of Saint-Etienne is the third-largest Catholic church in France, with flying buttresses and stained-glass windows by Marc Chagall. 
Don't hesitate to come to Metz one or more days early to take the time to discover this beautiful city.




Day 2: Metz to Remich - 41 or 49 km


Over a delicious breakfast, you sail towards Thionville, the industrial center of steel since the 1980s. Your bike tour starts nearby. The historic center is guarded by medieval ramparts, boasts magnificent gardens and is home to the famous Saint-Maximin basilica.
You ride through the pretty French countryside, passing through charming villages. You can admire the fortress of Sierck-les-Bains, once inhabited by the powerful Dukes of Lorraine. You then cross the French-Luxembourg border at Schengen.
Here, you can enjoy the benefits of the "Schengen Agreement", which involves no border controls! Arriving near Remich, you'll visit the small village of Nennig, home to a superb ancient Roman villa housing one of the most famous examples of mosaic art.




Day 3: Remich to Sarrebourg - 40 or 48 km


Here, the Moselle forms the border between Germany and Luxembourg. You start your cycle tour along the Moselle on the German side, before joining the Luxembourg side. You'll visit a wine cooperative specializing in the famous "Crémant", the Champagne of the Moselle.


You can choose between two options for the bike tour: one is easy, but longer, and the second is shorter, but a little more challenging through the hills.
Both routes take you to Sarrebourg, an ancient town located on the most beautiful part of the Saar Valley, where the river banks are entirely wooded. You'll see the Sarrebourg castle, built in the middle of the 10th century. In the center of town, you can admire a 20-meter-high waterfall and an old mill, irrigated by a small river. 
Most of the houses in this part of town date from the 17th and 18th centuries and are very well preserved, giving Sarrebourg its picturesque appearance.




Day 4: Sarrebourg to Trier - 32 km


After breakfast, your guide accompanies you on a bike tour to Trier. 
You join the city for lunch. After a pleasant guided walk, you'll visit Germany's oldest city.
Trier was founded around 15 BC by Caesar Augustus and boasts an exceptional heritage. The most authentic monument not to be missed is the famous Black Gate, built in 18 BC.




Day 5: Trier - Schweich / Schweich - Neumagen - Bernkastel-Kues - 27 or 53 km


After breakfast, the cycling tour starts in Schweich. You're in the "Romantic Moselle", the nickname for the middle of the Moselle. Endless vineyards stretch over several hectares.
Your Moselle bike tour continues through the world's most famous vineyards: Trittenheim and Piesport.
Trittenheim lies close to the river and offers a panorama of vine-covered mountains.
Piesport is particularly well-known and appreciated by the British for its "little golden droplets".
You arrive in Neumagen for lunch. The town already produced a lot of wine during the Roman Empire.


You can reach Le Magnifique from here, or continue the bike tour to Bernkastel-Kues. This picturesque tourist town is the production centre for the finest wines from the middle Moselle. The half-timbered houses surrounding the Bernkastel-Kues market date back to the Middle Ages. A stroll up to the castle offers superb panoramic views.




Day 6: Bernkastel-Kues - Traben-Trarbach - Zell-sur-Moselle - 45 km


Cycle to the romantic village of Traben-Trarbach, located on the left bank of the Moselle and famous for its Art Nouveau architecture (Jugendstil in German). Your destination for the day is Zell-sur-Moselle, renowned for the Zeller Schwarze Katz wine industry. In Zell, a tasting of the Moselle Valley's great wines is highly recommended.


Day 7: Zell - Beilstein - Cochem - 39 km


Beilstein is a well-preserved historic village with charming houses set between two vineyards. Its half-timbered houses adorned with flowers and linked by arcades have earned it the nickname of the "Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle". 
You can then explore the ruins of Metternich Castle, nestling high above the village. Finally, you reach Cochem, a town of character surrounded by beautiful vineyards, wooded hills, a castle and picturesque streets with half-timbered houses. It's the ideal place to enjoy a glass of local wine. A visit to Reichsburg Castle is also on this day's program.

Day 8: Cochem


End of the Moselle bike and boat tour aboard the Magnifique. Disembarkation takes place after breakfast, until 09:30.

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Magnifique I

General information:

  • 8 days and 7 nights
  • Level of comfort of the boat : Premium comfort
  • Languages spoken on board : German and English
  • Children's rates : contact us



Departure dates 2024 :


Departures from Cochem on Tuesdays

  • Low season: 15/10
  • Mid-season: 06/08, 01/10
  • High season: 17/09

Departures from Metz on Tuesdays 


  • Mid-season: 16/07,30/07
  • High season: 02/07


Included : 

  • Full board stay (picnic lunch) except on day 5
  • 7 nights on board
  • coffee and tea on board
  • welcome cocktail
  • bed linen and towels
  • daily cleaning of the cabins
  • air conditioning
  • daily briefing on the itinerary
  • some guided walking tours
  • ferry fees
  • waterproof bag
  • helmet
  • biodegradable water bottle
  • port taxes
  • entrance to Reichsburg Castle in Cochem
  • tasting of local wines
  • wifi on board
  • Online guided tour (2 guides and 2 groups)

Not included:

  • Transportation to the place of departure
  • Personal expenses
  • Visits other than those included

Options :

  • Renting of VTC or VAE
  • Personal bike space (mandatory if no bikes are rented)
  • Bike theft insurance (for rented bikes)
  • Cancellation insurance

What you should know :

  • The distances of the bike routes in the program are approximate.
  • On some days, you can choose between a longer or shorter route. Please note that you may not be able to see all the highlights of the destination on the shorter routes.
  • If you prefer not to cycle for a day, you are welcome to relax on board while the boat sails to the next stop.
  • The itinerary can be modified for nautical, technical or meteorological reasons, or for any other unforeseen event.
  • On the day of your arrival, you can leave your luggage on board from 11am.
  • Maps, descriptions, and detailed GPS tracks are available for clients wishing to cycle freely. The guide remains reachable at all times by phone for any questions, incidents, or emergencies.

Levels :


1 2 3 4 5 6


Terrain :


Flat, very rolling roads and paths. 90% of the program is on bike paths.




Temperatures in the Moselle Valley are relatively mild. It can be very hot in summer, with dry weather.


Technicality :


- 0 to 50 km of riding per day, or 3 to 5 hours of cycling.
- Itinerary easy to follow. No difficulties, accessible to all.


Bibliography :


- Guides on the Moselle by bike
- Hiking maps on Germany




You will meet on board an international community of all ages, men, women, singles and couples with children. We offer a maximum of 65 seats in 2- and 3-person cabins on this boat.


Accompaniment :


Here are the people in charge of your vacation on the bike boat:
On board, the captain and his crew. They are in charge of the good progress of the vacations on the boat, and bring the boat from stage to stage. The cook prepares the meals.
There is a daily briefing on the route. 

The crew speaks German and English. 


Meals :


  • Breakfasts: on the boat you will find a hearty, Dutch breakfast, worthy of a cyclist.
  • Lunches: After breakfast, you will prepare your own lunch (sandwiches, fruit, snacks, drinks).
  • Dinners: at least three dishes of very good quality. After dinner, you will have the choice between coffee and tea.

Other drinks, such as wine, beer, lemonade and mineral water, are not included but can be purchased on board at a reasonable price.




Upon departure on Saturday afternoon, you will be assigned a bike that matches your size. After a test ride, you will sign a receipt.
The bikes will be equipped with panniers, an anti-theft device, a water bottle and a tire repair kit. 
If you take your own bike, it cannot be insured against theft by our company, you will have to make the necessary arrangements with your usual insurance company. Do not forget your anti-theft device. You will be responsible for the return of your bike.


Transportation :


By plane: Metz airport.



Cancellation insurance : 


In order to guarantee the reimbursement of expenses in case of cancellation of your stay, you can take out a cancellation insurance. To know more about it, click here.

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